We all need a fresh start in our lives; with busy schedules, demands and challenges of life, family and work there comes a time when we need to stop, take a reality check and start fresh. Alhamdulilah this happens for most of us during the month of Ramadan but what about outside Ramadan, how many times do we actually do this? As such we introduce to you the concept of Fresh Start…

To meet the needs of our busy lives we created Fresh Start that allows us to apply practical lessons from the workshops to our daily lives. Fresh Start is about providing solutions, to the problems and issues we encounter in the 21 st century. Fresh Start is about bringing positive changes to our lives, families and communities by inspiring hope, strengthen marriages, develop relationships and revive the spirit of Islam.

We know that its not easy to attend 5 day workshops, we know its not easy to attend 2 day conferences so with Fresh Start we offer you an intensive 3 to 4 hour workshop that allows you to connect the lessons shared directly to your lives.

Fresh Start has a range of topics delivered by respected speakers from around the world including:

  • Love Stories From The Quran – By Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim
  • The Love & Struggles of Ali & Fatima (RA) – By Sheikh Omar Suleiman
  • 10 Ways To Loose Your Spouse / Children – By Edris Khamissa

Fresh Start has been a great success around the world in less than 3 months, with events taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Perth and Colombo, as well as planned events in other major cities around the world.