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Loves Stories From The Quran

The Quran is full of Love Stories that chronicle the lives of the luminous Prophets of Allah. All throughout the Quran the names of the Prophets are mentioned and attached to a variety of marital and family circumstances.

In Part I, Sh Yahya Ibrahim will weave through the lives of:

  • Adam & Hawaa, Ibrahim & Hajar
  • Musa & Sephoora, Yusuf & Zulaikha
  • Ayub, Dawoud, Sulaiman
  • And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all

In Part II, Sh Yahya Ibrahim will revive the love stories of:

  • Musa & his 2 Mothers, Ibrahim & Sara,
  • Nuh & his Son, Luqmans advice, Habil & Kabil
  • Ya’qub & Yusuf, Zachariya & Yahya
  • And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all

Powerful Life Lessons will be gleaned from the Quran’s recounting of their blessed lives.

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