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Loves Stories From The Quran

The Quran is full of “Love Stories” that chronicle the lives of the luminous Prophets of Allah. We have all heard the stories but have we ever applied them to our lives by taking the life lessons they share and building our relationships with one another and Allah swt.

Stories make up a third of the Quran and have been shared for specific reasons on what to expect in life and love is a key central issue the Quran speaks about.

The Quran provides stories that relate to us all today, it has story of a single mother (Maryam), it has stories of a distanced father (Ibrahim AS), it has stories of health & sickness (Ayub AS and his wife), it has stories of brothers working together (Musa & Harun AS), it has stories of brothers working against each other (Yusuf AS). It has stories of a tyrant husband (Pharaoh & Asiya), it has stories of betraying wife (Lot & Nuh AS), it has the story of love for animals (Sulieman AS) and it has stories of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the “prophet of love” (Khabib-Allah) and much more.

Learn the gems of the Quran, marvel at the beauty of the Creator and apply the lessons of the Prophets to your lives to ensure your connection with your loved ones and Allah swt is a meaningful connection.

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